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Award of Excellence Downtown
Orlando Festival 2011

Best in Sculpture
Lakeshore Arts Festival - Evanston, IL 2010

Best in Show
Arts in the Airport - Knoxville, TN 2010

Best New Exhibitor
TACA Spring Show - Nashville, TN 2010

Most Sustainable and Beautiful Art
International Interior Design Assoc., 2008
An interest in found objects, particularly metal, has captured my attention for 15 years. Like many cities undergoing gentrification, New Orleans is replete with discarded metal, miscellaneous street junk and salvage yards teeming with all sorts of debris. For me, the idea of reclaiming, deconstructing and transforming "so-called junk" into works of sculpture is fascinating. Often reworking the surface in terms of color and texture is required to bring out an attractive exterior once covered in mold or metals pitted by weather.

After 15 years in the petroleum industry as a drafter, I returned to Loyola New Orleans to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts focusing on sculpture. While found objects continue to challenge my vision, I have developed an artisan style of handmade tables, which often begins from a piece of glass, or an unusual piece of found metal. Rarely do I work out preliminary sketches, most designs come from metalsmithing everyday. There is an intuitive element in the design flow between the sculptural works and the functional pieces. Often the sculptural informs the functional in form, texture and palette.

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